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So, now that you know that it’s in demand, let’s look at the role some more. If you want to see more software developer salaries, then download our free salary guide through the form below. As one of the main front-end programming languages, JavaScript is a prerequisite for anyone aspiring to be a web developer. JavaScript is the seventh most used programming language, according to the TIOBE index, and it is used in constructing several major platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. A junior React developer resume format plays a vital role for the job seekers in getting hired for an attractive salary.

javascript developer salary

To enter the foreign market with flying colors from the very beginning, Sift addressed us as a local all-in-one-place provider. Even though while headhunting there were some challenges like finding engineers with a unique stack, our recruiters managed javascript developer salary to find 17 talented developers for them. The hiring quality speaks for itself – there were no substitutions. Our specialists also took care of perks management for the EE team – getting stock options was legally compliant thanks to our legal team.

Australian JavaScript Developer Salaries

As mentioned earlier, Eastern Europe is one of the well-regarded destinations to find JS developers. Due to a vast talent pool and solid experience in programming, tech giants decide to expand their business there, successfully managing offshore teams. Leading remote teams is not a challenge for them due to the programmers’ soft skills, such as independence, ability to work in a team, and good English skills. Another factor that reinforces this perfect match is cultural similarities. Software developers from Eastern Europe follow a western-inspired work ethic that values responsibility and hard work.

javascript developer salary

See user submitted job responsibilities for JavaScript Developer. Analyze the market and your qualifications to negotiate your salary with confidence. While it’s all well and good getting a little slice of what the pay outlook is like worldwide, it’s even more useful to drill down a little more. If you’re considering a career in web development, you’ve no doubt got lots of questions about the field.

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Despite being generally recognised as a front-end programming language, JavaScript also has other uses. JavaScript allows programmers to create server-side logic for tasks like processing requests and managing performance. The leading country where a JS coder can make the most is the United States. In America, the average salary ranges from $75,00 for an entry-level developer to $130,00 for a senior.

javascript developer salary

For example, React is extremely popular in Australia, Angular is the most loved in India, while in France, the majority of the developers are using Vue.js. Learn about JavaScript frameworks’ salaries (React.js, Vue.js, Angular) and programming trends of 2021. In Germany, JavaScript developer salary reaches $92,575 per year, when in the Netherlands it is a bit lower – $92,227. According to Payscale, the average Javascript developer salary is $83,384 per year or $34.33 per hour.

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Need more information on developers’ salary levels worldwide? At Newxel, we’ve searched the web and polled hundreds of software engineers to unearth their salaries. Continue reading to get more information on how much developers can earn. Front-end engineers work with the visual part of the software. In other words, they help users see and touch the app or website.

  • In the UK, a mid-level JS developer will cost you $71,000 and $64,000 in Germany, while in Poland a coder with the same level of expertise costs $36,000.
  • Thus, top IT skill pairs include 13.8% JS&HTML, 10.9% JS&Angular, and 7.9% JS&SQL.
  • From the statistics alone, it is easy to determine the popularity and scope of JavaScript.
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  • Doubtlessly, these numbers are hefty and show promising growth.
  • At Newxel, we’ve searched the web and polled hundreds of software engineers to unearth their salaries.

Though not all JavaScript developers can make $100k in Berlin. An entry-level JavaScript developer can earn up to $73k (or €56k) a year, whereas a senior JavaScript salary starts at $128k (or €98k) per annum. As mentioned in the article by freeCodeCamp, Australia has a lot of developers specializing in React.js, whereas India has more developers specializing in Angular.js. China, on the other hand, is renowned for the developers focusing on Vue.js, and it’s no wonder since it was used for developing apps for the Chinese tech giants Alibaba and Baidu.

JavaScript developer salaries by city

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According to Developer Nation, in Q there were approximately 16.5M developers who used JavaScript. The soaring popularity and relative ease of learning attract entry-level developers to start with JavaScript, as 4M software engineers entered the labor market with JS last year. Doubtlessly, these numbers are hefty and show promising growth. According to Talent.com, the average Angular developer salary in the USA is $112,493 per year or $57,7 per hour. React.js developer salary in the USA is $120,000 per year or $61,54 – higher than for Angular developers.

Find out what the average Javascript Developer salary is

Along with this, a JavaScript software engineer salary in Eastern Europe is vastly different from the USA or Western Europe. You will see it for yourself when we study every region in detail. Have a look at Sift, one of the leading companies that deals with product security and fraud prevention. The company chose Eastern Europe to hire software developers for team extension.

If you’re keen to get straight to the money, just use the clickable menu below to skip ahead. In Germany, German Tech Jobs reckons that a JavaScript Developer earns, on average, €60k. However, most of the salaries that are reported to them range between €45 and €75k per annum. They estimate that exactly 50% of JavaScript developers earn more than €60k, and 50% earn less.

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The US is known for its highly skilled developers, and there is no exception either when it comes to JS engineers. According to research conducted by Talent, the average JavaScript developer’s salary starts at $88,622 a year. Again, more demand for other coding languages or skillsets can explain this, so it’s useful to compare with full-stack developer salaries to get more of an idea. The JavaScript Developer works on frontend development initiatives and has knowledge of frontend development best practices. Before we examine that all-important salary data, we’ll first explore the job title in more detail. We’ll also look at whether JavaScript developers are currently in high demand.

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